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Soul Personal Trainers have experience with pro and Olympic caliber
athletes. We have also trained 84-year-old grandmothers, eight-year
old aspiring superstars and most everyone in between. We train boxers,
cyclists, skiers, climbers, martial artists, firefighters, and ballers of all sports.
In addition, we have expertise in rape prevention self defense, unarmed
combat, pre-operative conditioning, and post-natal recovery. In all aspects of
fitness, SPT brings a higher level of experience and adeeper level
of commitment



2007 - Axis Labs Natural Colorado Fitness, Figure & Bodybuilding
Personal Trainer - Rob 1st Novice, 1st DFFL, 2nd Open  /  4th - 40 & over 
Personal Trainer -  Sandra Trained, Supported & helped make it all possible!
Congrats "Soul Personal Training"


       Personal Trainer -Sandy 2nd & 3rd place 2006 Body building competition
       Personal Trainer - Rob trained & supported her through whole process!




                           2007 - NPC Colorado State Fitness, Figure and Bodybuilding

          Personal Trainer - Sandy 1st in novice, 1st overall novice and 3rd Open
          Personal Trainer - Rob Trained, Supported and Made it all possible!
                                                  Congrats "Soul Personal Training"


2008 - NPC Natural Competition 
Sandra Kanon and Rob Strickland


2008 - NPC Natural Competition  Congratulations Kelly Homeyer! 
Kelly Homeyer, Sandra Kanon and Rob Strickland

2009 NPC CYTO CHARGE Colorado State Bodybuilding, Fitness / Figure / Bikini Championships
Jamie Beavers - Figure NOVICE B Class -  4th Place
Jamie Beavers - OPEN Figure E Class  - 5th Place


The 2009 NPC AXIS LABS NATURAL COLORADO OPEN Bodybuilding / Fitness / Figure
Congratulations Jerry Homeyer!

The HARD NUTRITION Natural ColoradoOpenBodybuilding/Fitness/Figure
Congratulations Jerry Homeyer  4th and 5th place!  Awesome Job!!!




                      Congratulations Kari for participating in 2007 NPC
       Mile High Natural Championships June 23rd, 2007.
We're so proud of you,
       You did awesome!




Next Upcoming Competitions:
Thinking about seeing a show or about taking your workouts to
the next level. 
Soul Personal Training can Train, Support and Prep you for
stage while conditioning you for the best shape of your life!
Why not look the best you've ever looked?






Nov 6th       Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Fitness/Figure/Bikini/Model Search Championships
                   Denver, CO

Nov. 13*      The METRX Rocky Mountain Bodybuilding/Fitness/Figure/Bikini Championships,
                  "The ROCKY"     
                   Denver, CO


2011 Colorado NPC tentative schedule
April 2     NPC Northern CO Championships, Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO
tba          NPC Steel City, Pueblo, CO
May 14    NPC Southern CO/Armed Forces Championships,
Colorado Springs, CO

June 4     NPC Mile High Championships, Englewood High Auditorium, Englewood, CO
July 16    NPC CO State Championships, Exdo Event Center, Denver, CO
Aug _      NPC Warrior Classic, Loveland, CO
Oct _       NPC Natural CO Open, Denver, CO
tba          NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta, Denver, CO
Nov_       NPC ROCKY, Denver, CO




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