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Personal Training Sessions



Body Fat Test $15

Thirty Minute Jump-Start Diet Analysis $50

Hour - Health and Fitness Lifestyle Analysis $60

Forty-Five Minute Fitness Assessment $45

Metabolic Test and Evaluation $49

Six Week Jump-Start Program Setup and Demonstration $160

       Meat and Potatoes

Advanced Sports Specific Performance Improvement (Six-Months, Two Sessions/Week)

Body Building for Fat Reduction (Six-Months, Two - Three Sessions/Week)

Muscular Strength and Bone Development (Six Weeks, Two - Five Sessions/Week)

Marathon Training (Six-Months, Two Sessions/Week)

Functional Strength and Coordination (Eight Weeks, Two -Three Sessions/Week)

Bodybuilding Extreme Muscle Cut (Eight Weeks, Two - Three Sessions/Week)

Firefighters Challenge Training (Six Weeks, Two - Three Sessions/Week)

White Collar Boxing Program (Four Weeks, Two - Three Sessions/Week)

Aerobic and Cardiovascular Conditioning (Four Weeks, Three Sessions/Week)

Childbirth: Pre and Post Natal Conditioning (Eight Weeks, Two Sessions/Week)

Ab and Back: Beauty and Function (Four Weeks, Two Sessions/Week)

Ski Season Preparation (Four Weeks, Two Sessions/Week)

       Icing on the Cake

Before and After Professional Photo Session $150

Post-Program Reassessment and Goal Modification $30

Customized packages available also. 

Soul Personal Training

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