Why Soul Personal Training!

 I had the somewhat unique challenge of shedding weight through exercise and a low carb, high
protein vegetarian diet.  The first challenge was to design a suitable diet considering the fact
that eggs and soy were never part of my "likeable foods".  The second challenge was to get me
started on a rigorous exercise regimen consisting of two hours of exercise time in the midst of  being
a full time mother to a 17 month old.

In the last two months I have lost 32 pounds thanks to the
exceptional guidance, exercise and nutrition plan put together by Sandra. She has been a blessing in
helping me build a nutrition plan unique to my needs and taste. I feel much lighter, healthier,
happier and more energetic. Most importantly I am beginning to l ike myself and my body. I have
a long way to go but this journey has given me the courage and confidence to keep going until I
reach my ultimate goal of being fit and prepared for the long haul. I hope and wish that this life
style change remains with me forever.


I can't begin to share all of the positive benefits I have received since training with Rob at
Soul Personal Training. Their name and logo epitomizes their training philosophy which
goes beyond one's exterior and affects the soul. Rob's approach to training promotes
discipline, and motivation, while removing any previous self disposed limitations.
You have not trained until you have been "Robbed!"


I was going to do 5 minutes on the treadmill today and then lift but I had
some energy and decided to do 15. When I got to 15 I wasn't winded so I decided to 
see if I could get to 30. When I hit 30, I remembered you telling me that I 
would eventually get to 45 so I stayed with it and hit 45. Once there, I
decided to go for one hour and I made it. I didn't believe you when you said I would
be  able to do this. I was stunned. I remember when 2 minutes had me huffing and 
gasping for air. 
I broke the 280 barrier today and was down to 276. I think I'll hit 269 by
weeks end. 

You are changing my life.

Comment to Rob (Trainer)
From (Client) Bob

Rob and Sandy are an inspiration, and practice what they preach.  I am learning to make
better daily choices, and have gone from 216 lbs to 170 !   A size 16 to a size 10 !  I have
more energy, feel like myself again....Also noticed that my frequent heartburn is no
longer present! As a physical therapist, I feel more able to assist in my patients' recovery
back into the gym, leading by example. Being held accountable to my trainer has been
incredibly helpful...you know it just helps to have someone else's voice in your head to 
help motivate and guide you.  
Love you guys!  Chris  

I have been working with Sandy since mid-October 2007.  After a long search for a
personal  trainer my husband and I found Sandy and Rob.  Since October I have lost:
28 lbs
8.2% Body Fat
5 inches shoulders
3.5 inches chest
2 inches hips
I have struggled with my weight since I was a child and I am now 32.  I went through
many stages of yo-yo dieting in my life but I was finally ready to make a drastic
change for the better. The one thing working out with Sandy taught me was that I
had to be ready, no one else could tell me to lose the weight.  I have a long way to
go but each day it gets easier and finally, for once
in my life I feel like there is no
turning back.  I feel better already and I have more energy and my health is improving.
I have never enjoyed working out, but as I started dropping the weight I knew that it
was and is a necessary evil and now it is part of my daily routine.  The nutrition is key
too.  It was hard to get used to changing the way I eat but as the saying goes, "you
are what you eat."  Sandy has been a constant support and is full of encouragement
every day even when I am not working out with her I know she is just a phone call or
email away.   
The training sessions are hard, I mean really tough but I always feel great after I am
done working out. After all, someone once told me, "If it doesn't hurt, you're not
working hard enough."
You won't regret choosing Soul Personal Training.  Finding them was the best thing
I could ever do for myself.


"I decided to make a life change and called upon Rob and Sandy to help me out. 
Little did they know I would be their toughest challenge.  A self-proclaimed sweet junkie,
I decided to take Rob up on his challenge to compete in a figure competition.  I never in a
million years thought I would do something like this and was nervous because this would
be one of the biggest challenges I had ever taken on.  Rob was my constant cheerleader,
calling, e-mailing and texting me on a daily basis to check in.  If I had a bad day, Rob and
Sandy were my shoulders to cry on.   They not only focused on changing my outside,
but in the process changed me on the inside.  I did compete in June and love the
satisfaction of knowing that because of the great support from Rob and Sandy, I had
a great competition. Because of my journey with them, I feel I can tackle anything.  My
confidence has soared, I am a much happier person and I love the person I have become. 
I am so blessed to have found Rob and Sandy.  I am so blessed to have them not only
as my trainers but also my friends."  

Kari - Mary Kay Cosmetics Star Recruiter 


How Soul Personal Training & Body Image Physical Therapy Enriched My Life
The Testimonial of Suzanne La Voie


I moved to the Centennial, Colorado in November, 2006 from Long Island, New York leaving my
large family and all of my friends because of a job opportunity and my need for a better way of life.
As you may remember the winter of 2006-2007 brought with it 3-4 feet of snow, so not only was
I alone, I was alone and snow-bound! I ate my idle time away with comfort foods; anything that
would ‘stick to my ribs’ and keep me warm or so I thought. The mashed potatoes, macaroni and
cheese and many boxes of Hot-pockets not only didn’t keep me warm, they literally were
applied to my body with duct tape and glue. 


To give you a brief synopsis of my personal history, I had never been a person with self-esteem
or personal confidence; I always felt I was ‘different’ an awkward child, teen and young adult.
I am the middle daughter of 5 girls and I was not like any of my sisters.  I was called
‘big-boned’ but in truth I was fat and didn’t care enough about me to care about my looks.
In 2001 my office building was No. 1 World Trade Center; I mention 9/11 because from
that day forward until March of 2006, when I was severed from my company,
I worked remotely and from my home office.  There are some benefits to working at
home but many many disadvantages, especially for me.  I suffered severe depression and
anxiety during those years which including chemical and personal therapy.  The medications
added to my weight along with my continued not caring what I looked like; who would notice
anyhow, I worked from home!  I gained a tremendous amount of weight.   I also am a long
sufferer of knee surgeries, 7 surgeries to be exact.  I had been an athletic teen and damaged my
knees over the years; my weight was surely not helping the situation.


Fast forwarding to my arrival to Centennial in 2006 my life had taken on a clearer and renewed
perspective personally.  The spring and early summer arrived in glorious fashion; I am still in
awe of the mountain range with wonderful sunrises.  Early one Sunday morning in mid-June, 2007
I was lucky to read the sign advertising physical therapy on a building in the Saddle Rock
shopping plaza.  I took a chance, thinking maybe someone could advise me on how I could go about
seeking help for my painful knee.  I was greeted at the door by a stunningly fit and beautiful woman
who introduced herself as Sandy.  Sandy said she was a personal trainer with a client that day;
the location was closed on Sunday, but described the facility and the services available, handing
me cards and information allowing me to go home and think about the services.  I was so
curious and yearned for help I don’t think 12 hours had passed before I called to talk to Sandy further.
Sandy’s engaging conversation, concern of my history and what I felt was earnest caring for me as a
person made me feel embraced and cared for.  I signed up for ‘Option 1’ package on the spot!
Sandy and I spent the first weeks talking about important concerns of mine, working slowly on
every aspect of my person; body mind and soul.  As the weeks passed and my confidence grew,
I would jump out of  bed looking forward to going to the “gym”.  Strange and new feelings grew day by day.
Everybody I met at Soul Personal Training & Body Image Physical Therapy was so nice,
everyone said hello, asked how I was doing, and encouraged me and my progress. I couldn’t believe
my good fortune, could it be possible there are people who truly cared about me. I am so happy to
say, 7 months after that lucky Sunday morning I am healthier ALL over.  My self-esteem builds
daily, my confidence is getting stronger and the phenomenal byproduct is WE have reduced my
overall body fat percentage by more then half, I have toned and shaped my body for the better,
loosing approximately 50 pounds and as many inches all because of Soul Personal Training &
Body Image Physical Therapy. 


My life is rich in so many ways and I plan to become exceedingly wealthy in the future knowing
I owe it ALL to Sandy and Soul Personal Training & Body Image Physical Therapy.