The Lunch and Learn - Nutrition and Wellness Seminar.


Soul Personal Training is recognized as a premier training, fitness, and wellness firm, specializing in all facets of corporate wellness program design and deployment. Founded by long-time fitness experts associated with United Air Lines, Inc. and the United States Air Force Academy, the company is unique for its innovative implementation of low cost and cost - neutral employee centered programs. 


 Soul Personal Training is professionally linked with Body Image Physical Therapy. Therapists participate in the design and execution of all training programs to enhance the safety of our products. In addition, therapists may participate in seminars, presentations, and on-site employee evaluations.

Soul Personal Training has assembled a highly qualified team of certified professional instructors with over 25 years of hands-on training and teaching experience. Our trainers have worked successfully with post operative, post rehab clients and blue chip athletes on the collegiate and professional levels.

Soul Personal Training generally conducts thirty minute lunchtime presentations, each followed by a thirty minute question and answer session.  Presentations include topics such as "What to Eat and When", How to Lose Fat and Keep Muscle", "Supplements – Yes or No" and "How to Stay Healthy on the Job".

  $10 per person